Nyati Sacco

Nyati Sacco was grappling with the task of modernizing its operations. The customer recognized the need for technology to propel its operations into the future yet at the same time was stuck with a legacy system that was prone to failures and outages. There was a need to digitize its operations without compromising on security. A network redesign was necessary.

They engaged Merge Systems Kenya as consultants to provide ICT Services in the form of advice on how to build a robust, reliable and secure network as well as build a business case for the same. Merge Systems worked with the IT team to build a roadmap and justify the cost to the business.

Our team had multiple engagements with various stakeholders delivering a reference document that received acceptance not just by the sacco but the regulator as well.

Merge developed a Strategic IT Roadmap for the customer designed to align the technology to the business requirements.