Impact Africa

This SME was continuously having internet outages in its Nairobi Offices. Being a research firm, internet access was a key requirement for its employees. Countless calls to the service provider yielded no results as the service provider always apportioned blame to the internal IT infrastructure. Having no full-time IT support staff, the customer could only rely on information coming from the service provider. Frustrated, the customer turned to the experts at Merge Systems.

Merge Systems Kenya performed an audit over a period of one week to determine usage patterns, capacity needs and identify performance bottlenecks. The insights gained from this exercise enabled Merge systems to propose correctly dimensioned LAN kit that can meet the capacity needs of the entire organization now and into the future. The customer has full visibility into usage patterns provided by the cloud managed Meraki (a CISCO product) platform installed.

Additionally, Merge Systems provides ongoing ICT Services in the form of optimization and support services for the customer. We ensure the technology works for the customer and the customer focusses on research. #Win-#Win